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NEW TANITA body composition meter inner scan BC-612-GD Metaric Gold JAPAN Buy It Now $220.0 $0  0d 2h 49m 6s

New TANITA Body composition monitor White BC-754-WH Japan Best Deal Buy It Now $54.0 $42  0d 3h 49m 25s

New Genuine Tanita Body Meter Inner Scan Dark Blue BC-706-DB Japan Best Deal Buy It Now $74.68 $57  0d 3h 53m 38s

Tanita Scale TBF-622 Buy It Now $39.99 See description  0d 5h 19m 2s

TANITA BC-320-WH Body composition monitor Weight Scale Free Shipping From Japan Buy It Now $149.1 $0  0d 5h 55m 36s

Tanita BC-553 Ironman InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Buy It Now $120.0 $15  0d 6h 42m 28s

Brand New Tanita Digital Scale, up to 440 pounds 0
Buy It Now
See description  0d 7h 25m 28s

Tanita TBF-612 Body Fat Monitor/Scale 0 $14.5 See description  0d 7h 49m 9s

Tanita BF-682W Bodyscale/Body Fat Monitor. Holds Scale Memory For 4 People. 0 $25.0 See description  0d 11h 50m 10s

Professional Tanita Body Compsition Analyzer, Medical Scale Weight Limit 440lbs 1 $339.0 $0  0d 12h 39m 29s

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Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode and Body Water:Tanita BF680 Duo Body Fat Monitor/Scale with Athletic Mode Plus Body Water